One Year Diploma Programme in Clinical Research (DCR)

Clinical Research is the means of advancing knowledge about health, illness and healthcare. Without it, medical progress will come to a halt and current practices may eventually become harmful, wasteful or both. Therefore, Clinical Research is needed to advance our understanding and to make fair assessments of healthcare measures with respect to their benefits, risks, and costs.

Due to its 'Therapeutic Diversity' (vast population), well trained medical professionals and sophisticated technological infrastructure (expanding hospital and clinical facilities), India has emerged as an attractive destination for conducting global clinical trials. Clinical Research is carried out on healthy volunteers and patients with disease to ensure that the drug, which is to be marketed, is safe & effective.

In light of these changes, India is fast emerging as a hub of “Clinical Research”, which is the knowledge based industry of the new millennium. All this in turn offers huge employment opportunities for the Medical, Pharmacy, Life sciences graduate and post graduate students. However, clinical research is a highly specialized and regulated profession & therefore requires specific knowledge and skill sets to carry out various operations, as per the global norms.

DCR is aimed to develop professionals aspiring to work in this field by imparting quality training and knowledge on general research methodology and processes in various aspects of clinical research.

Eligibility: Graduate in life sciences or medical sciences or statistics from any recognized university/ institute.

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