Diploma in Health Communication (DHC)

With the vast amount of information and available online resources, patients and their caregivers are able to educate themselves, search for diseases and their treatments or indulge in self-medication, etc. They tend to explore alternatives and learn what others are doing in a similar situation. Patients’ perception of the quality of the healthcare they receive are highly dependent on the quality of their interactions with healthcare professionals. Communication impacts all aspects of healthcare. Poor communication may contributes to medical errors, poor patient experiences, workforce injury and can damage the image and reputation of doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers. Hence training in Health communication is of paramount importance for better patient outcomes as well as compliance.

To address this felt need, the programme is designed at providing comprehensive and advanced communication strategies and skills for efficient and effective delivery of healthcare, to all stakeholders.

Eligibility: Graduate from any recognized university/ institute.

Fees: INR. 35,000

Exam Passing Criteria : Student should secure a minimum 50% of total marks in each head of assessment mandatory for the programme.

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