FAQs about Open & Distance Learning programme

Contact Details

For Admission related queries please email us at info@ssodl.edu.in, admission@ssodl.edu.in or call on 020-66975074 / 020-66975075

For Payment Confirmation and Study Material related queries please email us at sr.assistant@ssodl.edu.in, assistant@ssodl.edu.in or call on 020-66975073

For Academic, Log Book, Examination, Project Report, Assignments, Certificate and Contact Session related queries email us at academics@ssodl.edu.in or call on 020-66975079, 020-66975080, 020-66975081, 020-66975082

Note: We will be available on the following contact numbers:
+91 9767785518 / +91 9767763396 / +91 9767785639

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