Sr. No. Programme Name Academic Team Support Team
1 Diploma in Medical Tourism (DMT) Dr. Sanika Deshmukh Mr. Akshay Shinde
2 Certificate in Disaster Management for Hospital & Healthcare Organization (CDMHHO) Mr. Dilip Tilekar
3 Diploma in Medico Legal Systems (DMLS)
1 Diploma in Hospital and Healthcare Management (DHHM) Dr. Sarika Rahangadale Mr. Akshay Shinde
2 Diploma in Health Communication (DHC) Mr. Alwyn D'Costa
1 Diploma in Quality Management of Hospital & Healthcare Organization (DQMHHO) Dr. Kalyani Nandedkar Mr. Dilip Tilekar
2 Diploma in Nursing Administration (DNA) Mr. Alwyn D'Costa
3 Diploma in Hospital Planning & Design (DHPD)
1 Diploma in Health Insurance Management (DHIM) Dr. Neha Darbhe Mr. Alwyn D'Costa
2 Diploma in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics (DAND) Mrs. Prachi Mhalim
3 Certificate in Medical Writing (CMW)
1 Diploma in Clinical Research (DCR) Ms. Preeti Kalel
Mrs. Prachi Mhalim
2 Diploma in Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Data Management (DPVCDM)
3 Certificate in Hospital Infection Control & Patient Safety (CHICPS) Mr. Akshay Shinde

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