Dr. S.B. Mujumdar

Chancellor's Message

Welcome Dear Students, to this experience called Symbiosis. Symbiosis is an institution synonymous with providing quality education and grooming top class professionals. As a premier educational institution, Symbiosis enjoys an international reputation and provides high standards of education from kindergarten to post graduation to 34,648 Indian and 1439 international students through 165 Programmes offered by its 55 institutes spread over 5 cities.

Symbiosis has established a good reputation in the faculties of Law, Management, and Computer Studies etc. Faculty of Health & Biological Sciences (FoHBS) is a recent addition to the Symbiosis family. It offers exciting & challenging opportunities. The need for qualified manpower in this fast expanding sector is acute & critical. I invite you to experience, explore, learn, work and get motivated to meet the challenges of this exciting sector and shape your career and future. Welcome to our family of Symbiosis.

Dr. S.B. Mujumdar Founder & President, Symbiosis

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar

Pro-Chancellor's Message

Symbiosis School of Open And Distance Learning (SSODL) has ventured into academics to address the issue of manpower crunch of the healthcare sector. Given the fiercely competitive work environment and constraints of time due to a taxing work schedule, SSODL has implemented various programmes offered through the distance education mode to both entry level aspirants as well as in service professionals for their professional upgradation.

These programmes provide professional education in a flexible academic package through specially prepared modules by subject experts, keeping in mind the distance education methodology and suited to the learner's pace & place. The SSODL deserves to be complimented for addressing this felt need of the healthcare sector. I wish the programme all success.

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar Pro-Chancellor, Symbiosis International (Deemed University)

Dr. Rajani R. Gupte

Vice Chancellor's Message

"I am delighted to welcome you to Symbiosis International (Deemed University). It is our commitment to serve you in your journey of higher education. In the service of this goal, we have taken every step to present you with the most progressive academic choices.

The Symbiosis School for Open and Distance Learning (SSODL) is proud to offer certificate and diploma in streams as wide-ranging as healthcare management, medico legal, clinical research, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, health insurance management, disaster management, nutrition and dietetics, medical tourism and nursing administration"

Dr. Rajani R. Gupte M.A., M.PHIL, Ph.D. (Economics) Vice Chancellor, Symbiosis International (Deemed University)

Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar

Dean's Message

Congratulations to the Symbiosis School of Open And Distance Learning (SSODL) for its foray in academics with a view to indulge in capacity building to address the manpower shortage plaguing the healthcare sector. Opportunities in the healthcare sector can take different forms. It could be in the form of this capital-intensive industry needing qualified professionals to manage its resources and Programmes, addressing the rising incidence of medical litigation and non-communicable diseases and ever expanding the scope of health insurance.

The areas of quality management, infection control and patient safety and disaster management are gaining increasing importance in today’s world. Emerging as a hub for clinical research including clinical data management, medical writing and medical tourism India is experiencing an exponential demand for qualified professionals in these arenas. Understanding this, the SSODL has come up with these unique Programmes that are the industry's crying need today. We welcome each one of you to the Distance Education Programmes of SSODL where subject modules; e-learning, interactive sessions all blend adequately to create a unique world class learning experience.

Happy learning! With best wishes,

Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar Dean, FOHS


Director's Message

Healthy Greetings & Welcome to the Symbiosis family!

The healthcare sector is advancing incredibly fast & the demand for professionals with up-to-date knowledge of the latest concepts, technologies, regulations, training, & certifications is a must to serve the industry. The scope & reach of education broadens with online distance learning.

Since healthcare professionals are very busy in their jobs & spending time in classrooms is challenging. Online Distance Learning is the most straightforward & efficient way to stay abreast of the latest developments in healthcare.

Thank you for enrolling in an academic program at SSODL to learn the latest insights, emerging trends to develop your career in healthcare.

We wish you all the best in your learning journey at Symbiosis International University.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Alaka Chandak,
Director SCHC
Incharge, SSODL

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