Master of Arts (Mass Communication)

Providing industry with skilled and trained media professionals adept in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication

Duration (in months): 24 (Online and Open and Distance Learning)

Eligibility:Graduate from any recognised University/ Institution of National Importance with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent grade (45% Marks or equivalent grade for Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribes).

Medium of Instruction: English

Programme Pattern :Semester

Course and Specialization : Annexure A

Fee :

Academic Fee p.a Institute Deposit Total
Indian Students INR 50,000 - INR 50,000
International Students INR 50,000 - INR 50,000
Fee Concession Rs 10,000 fee concession for one time payment of the full time programme fee.

Assessment :All courses will have 30% internal component and 70% component as external (University) examination.

Standard of Passing :The assessment of the student for each examination is done, based on relative performance. Maximum Grade Point (GP) is 10 corresponding to O (Outstanding). For all courses, a student is required to pass both internal and external examination separately with a minimum Grade Point of 4 corresponding to Grade P. Students securing less than 40% absolute marks in each head of passing will be declared FAIL. The University awards a degree to the student who has achieved a minimum CGPA of 4 out of maximum of 10 CGPA for the programme.

Award of Degree :Master of Arts (Mass Communication) will be awarded at the end of semester IV examination by taking into consideration the performance of all semester examinations after obtaining minimum 4.00 CGPA out of 10 CGPA.

Online (OL) and Open Distance learning (ODL)
Programme Structure

Catalog Course Code Course Code Course Title Credit Internal Marks (Formative Assessment) External Marks (Summative Assessment) Total Marks
Semester : I
T5546 Mass Communication Theory 3 150
T5004 Perspective on Indian Media 4 200
T5682 Introduction to Advertising Industry and Advertising Management 3 150
T5167 Introduction to Audio-Visual Communication 2 100
T5081 Introduction to Public Relation Industry 3 150
T5691 Creative Writing 3 150
T5697 Media Research Methods 2 100
Semester : II
T5010 News Reporting and Editing for Print Media 3 100
T5157 TV News Production 2 100
T5999 Keys Concepts in India FIlm Studies 4 200
T4585 Introduction to Event Management 3
T5138 Fundamentals of Advertising Creative and Copywriting 2 100
T5801 Project-I 6 300
Semester : III
T5029 Online Journalism 3 150
T5028 Media Laws, Ethics & Policies 3 150
T5099 Corporate Communication 3 150
T5979 Advertising and Society 2 100
T5463 Advanced Research Methodology 3 150
D4081 Project 6 150
Semester : IV
T5021 The Business of Media 3 150
Digital Humanities: Media and Communication in the Digital Era 2 100
T5022 Film Appreciation 3 150
T5703 Dissertation 12 600
Total 80

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